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RONCO Polypropylene Labcoat

Products Body Protection Shirt/Pants Polypropylene Labcoat

COVERME™ Polypropylene labcoats provide an excellent low-cost garment solution for non-hazardous work environments. Available in blue or white, they are light-weight, breathable, comfortable and can be used in a variety of applications in food, healthcare or industrial sectors. Manufactured with elasticized wrists and no pockets, they protect well against light splashes and dry particulates in labs or workshops.

Compliant for contact with food
Elasticized sleeve offers full body protection
Latex-free to reduce risks of allergic reactions
Breathable material for maximum comfort

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Item Numbers
ItemNo Size Material Colour Measurements
44-150-M Medium Polypropylene White Length = 105 cm
44-150-L Large Polypropylene White Length = 110 cm
44-150-XL XLarge Polypropylene White Length = 115 cm
44-150-2XL XXLarge Polypropylene White Length = 120 cm
44-155-M Medium Polypropylene Blue Length = 105 cm
44-155-L Large Polypropylene Blue Length = 110 cm
44-155-XL XLarge Polypropylene Blue Length = 115 cm
44-155-2XL XXLarge Polypropylene Blue Length = 120 cm

Packaging Configurations
Item # Packaging Configuration
44-150-M 25 Lab Coats Per Case
44-150-L 25 Lab Coats Per Case
44-150-XL 25 Lab Coats Per Case
44-150-2XL 25 Lab Coats Per Case
44-155-M 25 Lab Coats Per Case
44-155-L 25 Lab Coats Per Case
44-155-XL 25 Lab Coats Per Case
44-155-2XL 25 Lab Coats Per Case