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The original CPE Gown is now simply known as the COVERME™ Gown. This strong cast polyethylene product is the only one of its kind with a smooth finish to inhibit bacterial growth. Replace an apron/sleeve combination and reduce your skus and PPE costs! The COVERME™ Gown features a high, apron style neck with "safety release" back yoke and built-in thumb loops to prevent sleeves from sliding up on the job. The COVERME™ Gown is HACCP compliant, CFIA accepted for use in food applications and is ideal for any number of industrial or healthcare applications that require excellent particulate protection and barrier against water-based and non-hazardous liquids. COVERME™ Gown was designed for comfort, protection and ease of use - ask for it by name!

Compliant for contact with food
Smooth finish to inhibit bacterial growth
Splash resistance for superior protection

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Item Numbers
ItemNo Size Material Colour Measurements Thickness
31-500 One Size Cast Polyethylene Blue 79 x 45 Inches 1.2 mil
31-600 One Size Cast Polyethylene Yellow 79 x 45 Inches 1.2 mil
31-100 One Size Cast Polyethylene White 79 x 45 Inches 1.2 mil

Packaging Configurations
Item # Packaging Configuration
31-500 50 Gowns x 4 Bags = 200 Gowns Per Case
31-600 50 Gowns x 4 Bags = 200 Gowns Per Case
31-100 50 Gowns x 4 Bags = 200 Gowns Per Case